weight loss tips

9 weight loss tips fitness experts vouch will help you drop extra kilos

Weight Loss

weight loss tipsFitness or those dropping extra kilos doesn’t require you to turn into a gym rat or depriving yourself of your favourite foods. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to go in for sustainable change.

Dr Rajeswari Shetty, Head, Dietetics, and Dr Altamash Sheikh, Consultant Endocrinologist, Diabetologist and Metabolic Physician, of SL Raheja Hospital, Mumbai, share some tips.

Keep a realistic goal for your weight

While setting a target for yourself, don’t keep a celebrity’s physique in mind. Instead motivate yourself by keeping a weight goal which can be achieved in 15 days. Go step by step. Understand the realistic expectations of ideal weight from a certified expert, rather than reading an advertisement, getting upset and developing non-realistic body image and weight expectations.

Choose smaller plates and bowls

Portion control is a must when trying to shed the excess kilos. If you load up your plate, you will end up eating more than you need. If one chooses smaller plates and bowls for meals, one will have to go for small portion sizes and thus avoid eating more food.

Stock up on healthy foods

It is difficult to resist tempting foods if they are right in front of you. If you keep sugar-laden goodies on the kitchen counter, you will definitely end up eating them when you are hungry, calorie count be damned. Instead, fill up your pantry with fruits and healthy snacks which are low in calories and have fiber. They take more time to chew, will fill you up faster and save you from consuming unwanted calories.

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