avoid weight gain

Do these five things before that ‘big fat meal’ to avoid weight gain

Weight Loss

avoid weight gain

With Diwali knocking on the door, you probably may have plans to dine out or host a luncheon or dinner and spend quality time with your friends and loved ones in the comfort of your own home. In this situation, it can be difficult for you to maintain your fitness cycle with so many delicacies in the buffet.

But fret not, you’re not alone here, in fact, many people struggle to reduce their hunger and appetite when eating a delicious meal. Perhaps, you don’t have to go bananas trying to avoid weight gain from your fancy brunch or dinner.

All you need is knowing the right tricks and strategies that can help you avoid excess calorie intake and keep you on the slim track. While occasional celebratory meal doesn’t affect your scale and most weight gain comes from eating too many calories over an extended period of time, you may consider doing these things before your big meal if you’re trying to lose weight.

These strategies will help you stay on track with your weight loss goals while allowing you to enjoy your big feast sans guilt:

Drink a glass of water
We have heard that drinking one or two glasses of water before the meal can help with weight loss. The fact is that our stomach can hold about a litre of food and liquid. Drinking a glass of water before your meal will allow you to leave enough place to enjoy your meal while reducing food intake. Drinking water can help decrease the hunger you feel before a meal, and thus promotes weight loss.

Sip peppermint tea
Sipping some peppermint tea is a good trick to keep your appetite under control. Not only is peppermint tea low in calories and gives a calming effect, it helps to suppress appetite, improve digestion and reduce stress.

Munch on an apple
Apples are one of the best foods for weight loss. Munching on an apple about 15 minutes before your big meal can reduce your calorie intake by an average of 15 per cent. That’s because apples are rich in fibre, which can keep you feel fuller for a longer period.

Sleep well
Not getting a good night’s rest can play with hormones – ghrelin and leptin – that control your appetite and increase cravings for unhealthy foods. Make sure that you get enough shut-eye before a big meal. It is recommended to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Sleep, which is a vital indicator of overall health and well-being, is one of the most important things for weight loss.

Do not starve
One of the biggest mistakes most people do is starving themselves to munch on that big fat feast, which in turn leads to weight gain. The problem is that when you starve yourself, your body metabolism begins to slow down, making your body stores extra calories as fat. Actually, starvation is healthiest for weight loss, just keep eating small regular meals to keep your metabolism going and rev up your fat burning process.

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