Eat These 9 Foods For Stronger, Whiter Teeth


Everyone wants stronger, whiter, healthier teeth. But most of us don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get that dazzling white smile. Conventional toothpaste might claim to make your teeth whiter on the outside and stronger on the inside, when really it’s just abrading your teeth’s protective enamel and compromising the health of your pearly whites.

Meanwhile, popular whitening treatments like hydrogen peroxide or laser whitening either damage the teeth, or damage the teeth and damage the wallet. It’s fair to say that lofty goals to whiten your teeth should never compromise their strength and vitality, so there’s got to be another option.

And it just so happens that a healthier, happier alternative has been sitting right under your nose this whole time! Many of the foods hiding out in your pantry, chilling in your fridge or perhaps lounging in your freezer are so loaded with mouth-healthy nutrients that they can actually make your teeth not only stronger, but visibly whiter as well. Read on to find out which foods make for stronger, whiter teeth.

1. Baking soda

Okay, so baking soda isn’t exactly what one might call a “food” — but it’s 100 percent edible and you probably use it regularly enough in your baking, right? But while baking soda might not be all that enjoyable to munch on, it’s best pals with your teeth.

A 2008 literature review that examined the results from five different studies found that toothpastes containing baking soda were considerably more effective at removing plaque than toothpastes without baking soda. Another study showed that treating teeth with a combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide helped teeth to become significantly less yellow.

Now, there are three takeaways from these findings: first, get yourself some baking soda if you don’t already have any. Second, don’t even think about using hydrogen peroxide — it’s simply not worth the risks to your teeth and health in general. And third, consider ditching your toothpaste altogether and simply brushing with straight baking soda. It works surprisingly well, and it’ll whiten your teeth a whole lot faster than any toothpaste ever will.

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