How To Make A Natural Body Butter That’s Perfect For Your Skin Type


Healthy, hydrated skin is everyone’s top priority, so why is the commercial beauty industry working so hard to make it practically unobtainable?

Sure, those prettily-packed lotions on drugstore shelves might look like they contain the nourishment your skin craves, but in truth, most are filled with fragrances and preservation agents that only aid in drying it out.

A better option? Skip those unnecessary ingredients and cut straight to the hydration by making and using natural body butter to moisturize your skin instead.

What Is A Body Butter?
As the name implies, natural body butters are nourishing skin products. Most plant-based butters are made from cold-pressed extracts of nuts, seeds, or beans, and they tend to melt directly into the skin.

Because they don’t contain water, body butters are significantly thicker than standard lotions. Their rich profile of fatty acids makes them solid at room temperature, meaning that they rarely require synthetic chemical preservatives like paraffin, parabens, propylene glycol or sodium lauryl sulfate to stay fresh.

Natural body butter is rarely made from just one ingredient, but instead is a blend of different extracts. The essential components of each butter are the minerals and oils that create a barrier on the skin to prevent it from losing its moisture content and drying out.

The texture of body butters can range from soft and whipped to semi-solid or even hard. It takes slightly more effort to massage body butter into the skin than a standard lotion, but they are significantly better at smoothing and softening skin to relieve dryness and irritation.

Benefits Of Natural Body Butters
Because of their naturally nourishing compounds, body butters are one of the best ways to hydrate your skin. Though most natural butters are odorless, some, like shea butter, have a mild, nutty scent. For this reason, most body butter recipes incorporate essential oils to add extra interest and some additional health properties to the cream.

Overall, body butters are meant to be applied directly to trouble spots to heal skin and promote hair health. They can address rashes, wrinkles, chronic dryness, blemishes, wound healing, cracking, inflammation, general irritation, and more. For instance many pregnant women swear by using natural body butter as a solution for stretch marks, and the butter’s highly concentrated ingredients work well to combat cuticle problems as well.

Natural butters also work well to restore hair health. Light butters often provide faster absorption without a greasy residue, making them ideal for hydrating hair. In contrast, thicker, creamier butters work best to treat severely dry skin.


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