yoga asanas to lose weight

Just do these 5 simple yoga asanas to lose weight and flatten your tummy in 1 week


yoga asanas to lose weight

Our sedentary or inactivity lifestyle is one of the main reasons why most of us are not able to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight. Of course, stress, unhealthy eating habits, and a lack of adequate sleep all put you at a higher risk of being obese or overweight. These habits also increase your chances of developing serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, diabetes, and some cancers, etc. Hence, the market is flooded with a wide range of fat loss supplements and fitness products.

But, if your flat belly diet, which promises quick weight loss, has not helped you achieve your goals, do not lose heart. Yoga can help you lose weight, reduce belly fat while improving your overall health. Yoga, if performed everyday, can do wonders for both your mind and the body.

This International Day of Yoga, which is celebrated each year on June 21 across the globe, take a look at how yoga can help you shed excess fat from your entire body and stay fit. Here are five excellent yoga asanas that will give you a flat belly in a very short span of time.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, consists of 12 different yoga poses and is an excellent workout to lose weight and burn stubborn belly fat. By working on the whole body, including the neck, shoulders spine, arms, hands, wrists, leg, and back and stomach muscles, it helps to burn fat, giving you a flat stomach.

This yoga pose also has many health benefits, including stress reduction, better digestive health, etc. You should try doing Surya Namaskar daily in the morning.


Vrksasana, or the Tree Pose, is another effective yoga asana that is great for the core and abdominal muscles. It also tones the muscles of the thighs and arms. Performing this yoga pose calms your mind and leaves you in a state of rejuvenation. It also helps improve concentration.


It might sound unbelievable but Savasana, or the Corpse Pose, happens to be one of the best yoga exercises for losing weight fast by boosting metabolism. It helps to relieve constipation and other digestive issues. It calms the mind and improves concentration. It also reduces stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety and tension. It is said that doing this pose regularly can effectively reverse the mechanism that causes diabetes.


Bhujangasana, or the Cobra Pose, can help you lose belly fat and cure digestive problems, including constipation if done on a daily basis. Turns out, this yoga pose is also an excellent exercise for people suffering from back pain, respiratory disorder and obesity.


Dhanurasana or Bow Pose magically strengthens and tones ankles, thighs, groins, chest and abdominal muscles and spinal cord. It is a great yoga exercise that can help you lose weight and reduce belly fat effectively. In addition to this, Dhanurasana can help you find relief from menstrual discomfort, constipation. It also acts as a stress buster.

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