Onions for Hair Fall: An Inexpensive Way to Promote Hair Growth


Who doesn’t want long, lustrous, and voluminous hair? We all do, but getting there is a different ball game altogether. Everyone has different set of issues to deal with when it comes to hair health.

While most of us struggle with snail-paced hair growth, others face issues like brittle dull hair, dandruff and scalp infections. If you are growing your hair, care should also be taken so that it is strong and healthy, avoiding any kind of damage and dull appearance. In some of our previous pieces by our experts, we have shared how to get the basics of hair management right – oiling, shampooing and conditioning.

We also did a coherent piece on the importance of hair spas as well the efficacy of hair nourishers and how to make some on your own at home. This article aims at addressing one of the most common issues related to hair management – hair fall.

I once had great hair – almost double of what I now have. I never used to experience hair loss, not even a strand. But once it started, it only seemed to get worse. I consulted a dermatologist to understand the natural hair fall and regeneration cycle, and what could be done to treat the issue.

I also started reading about causes of hair fall and how dietary as well as topical application of natural ingredients can help in mitigating the loss. And these efforts paid off, as I started noticing a difference.

Before we get down to treating hair loss, it is important to understand the basics of hair health. Hair is made up of keratin, and sulphur plays a crucial role in keeping a strand intact to its root. “Common hair fall is termed as telogen effluvium, which can be acute or chronic….

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