how frequent and long your workouts should be

This is how frequent and long your workouts should be


how frequent and long your workouts should be

We bet you know someone in your close circle who, in their effort to lose weight or tone up (or even bulk up), has worked out multiple times during the day. Talk about leveraging your gym membership! They do it for maximum gains but does that really work?

For starters, working out too much, without proper nourishment (and nutrition) can only deteriorate one’s health. So how does one know the ideal duration and frequency of their work out?

Dangers of exercising too much

Too much of anything is bad for health and exercise is no different. Excessive workout can lead to insomnia, depression, mood swings, fatigue and loss of appetite. Estrogen production can also increase in women due to over exercising. Mental illness and eating disorders are also common in people who work out excessively.

If you are training for an event

While preparing for a marathon or some other athletic activity people are asked to practice for extra hours. These are exceptional cases and to avoid fatigue during this time, it is important to continue refueling yourself with enough carbs and electrolytes before, after and while working out.

The ideal time

Your ideal workouts should not be more than 30-90 minutes long and should not be done for more than four to five days in a week. Though this may be different for different people as your workout depends on your goals, abilities, likes, dislikes and many more things.

Training five times a week is considered ideal, but with a busy life and time constraints, not many people are able to follow it. And three is the minimum number of times one should work out in a week in order to achieve their fitness goals.

Weight loss

The three pillars of any fitness goal are sleep, nutrition and training. One needs to optimize and consider each and every aspect of these three in order to achieve their weight loss goals.

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