Weight Loss: Smart Cooking Hacks To Ensure You Lose More Than You Pile

Weight Loss

Weight loss in no cake walk, it is a result of a mix of various factors and immense hard work. From the perfect diet to regular workout, much has been said about the ways to lose pounds sustainable and effectively. Crash diets and starving would only do more harm than good in the big run.

It is very important to create a perfect environment for weight loss. Your kitchen and what you do in it, naturally then becomes very crucial to shed those extra inches. For effective weight loss, you have to start by detoxing your kitchen.

Toss away the fattening foods, chocolates, sauces, dressings etc. and fill your shelves with fresh and healthy items. You may start by replacing all the refined carbs with whole grain varieties.

If your fridge is occupied with more healthy food, certainly you would cook healthy and eat healthy. Cut all your fruits and veggies in air-tight container and keep it in your reach, so that you keep munching on them.

Keep a container of nuts closer than the jar of chips and namkeen. Add healthy veggies, juices, soups, curries and stews to your daily diet. You can even use veggies as substitutes to a variety of your unhealthy refined food.

For instance, the pasta sheet for lasagne could easily be replaced with weight loss friendly zucchini sheet. Use healthier modes of cooking such as steaming and grilling, instead of frying.

Having said that, here are some kitchen hacks that would help your way in healthy weight loss:

1. Use Oil Spray While Cooking

Use cooking sprays instead of oil dispensers. This would ensure that the oil intake is bare minimum. You will find oil sprays in any major mart or supermarket.

2. Use Weight-Loss Friendly Cookware

One of the biggest culprits in turning even some of our most healthy foods into unhealthy is the amount of saturated fats it is cooked in. Use non-stick cookware with lids to reduce amount of oil for cooking. Air fryers are also considered to be a healthy option to fry your food, though there are many who would debate about it.

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